NVG's FISHING Ring Light

Have you ever found yourself with a flashlight in your mouth trying to do something in the dark with both hands?  Here's what you need.  It's light and bright, it's the FISHING Ring Light!  So versatile it can go anywhere.  It's small, light weight, and unobtrusive.  Clip it or stick it almost anywhere to illuminate the situation.  You'll find more uses for the FISHING Ring Light! every day, and the FISHING Ring Light! makes a great toy too.    Also available with a 660nm 5mW Laser Diode. 

Clip it to:
  • Your cap bill
  • Watchband
  • Belt
  • Clothes
  • Purse / Briefcase
  • Sunvisor
Attach it to:
  • A finger
  • Clothing
  • A pen
  • Glasses
Blk&YelRL copy.jpg (21933 bytes)
RLGrouping.JPG (23409 bytes)
Carry it in/on:
  • Pocket
  • Purse
  • Key Chain
  • Almost Anywhere
Keep one in your:
  • Tackle Box
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Glove Box
  • Toolbox
  • Attic Stairs

Don't forget to get some extras for the kids (big and small) because your FISHING Ring Light! will disappear when they find out how great it is.

You might need a FISHING RING LIGHT if................


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