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Laser Archery Sight is like NIGHT VISION for a Bow

Archery Sights - High Precision Archery/Bow Laser Sights & Systems

Compatible with
  • Browning
  • Cobra
  • PSE
  • Sight Master
  • and All Others
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  • Crossbows
  • Longbows
  • Compound Bows
  • Hunting Bows
  • Target Bows
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ARCHERY, BOW & HUNTING LASER SIGHTS designed not only for hunting but also Archery, Sporting and Hunting Competition Events 
We at NVG have provided bow hunters with a line of high quality archery lasers for your pursuit of a more exciting and successful hunting experience.
  • Makes difficult shots easy
  • Flat Black anodized finish
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Compact
  • Quick, easy install
  • Long life batteries
  • Simple set screw adjustments for elevation & windage
  • Anti-spring construction
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SUR-C is Night Vision for a Bow

The SUR-C lens is a custom made diffractive lens designed to produce an illuminated field around the dot so when shooting in low light conditions the shooter can actually see the target they are shooting at.............................The The SUR-C lens is mounted in a custom-fit,  injection molded rubber cover that fits snugly over the laser housing and can be removed easily in brighter light conditions.

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  • 635 or 650nm High efficiency diodes for long battery life
  • Durable, Lightweight aluminum construction
  • No aiming required
  • Positive aim lock - Sights will stay on target
  • "SUR-C" TM - Illuminates the target at dark
  • Provides 30 additional minutes of hunting time over conventional sight & peep models


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The "SUR-C" TM comes with all NVG's Archery Laser Sights


B-635C  B-635U

$ 179.00


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B-635C - Clamp Model:   Fits all metal & plastic pin guards.  Mounts inside or outside pin guard
B-635U - Universal Model:   Fits any bow or bow accessory with 1/4" hole, or 1/4" hole can be drilled anywhere on the bow to accommodate the Universal Model.


Length:  1 1/2"

Width:   7/8"
Height:   4/8"
Remote Switch:  12 1/4" Long

Because the existing models are made with the consideration of all hunters' preferences in archery hardware, NVG has a laser to accommodate any hunters' need(s). The NVG archery laser is so versatile that it may be attached to virtually all styles of bows and pin guards.

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City Loan & Pawn, Douglas, GA - 912-384-2099
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