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Q. - How good can you see the red module beam?
A. - With the naked eye in low light conditions probably 200 – 300 yards
    - With the naked eye in bright sunlight maybe 50 yards
    - In the dark with a telescope probably on the moon

Q. - How big is the dot at different distances?
A. - At 50 feet about ¼”
    - At 100 feet about ½”

Q. - Is electrical hook-up, as far as the end user is concerned, just a simple voltage hook-up to the leads?
A. - Our modules and micromodules are sold completely ready to hook up to your power supply.
    You have 2 leads, one positive and one negative, to where you hook the power supply to.

Q. - Is it correct to assume that the module or micromodule, as sold, requires no extra housing other than the brass shell that contains the diodes, etc. and once hook-up is achieved the beam will shine?
A. - There are no extra housings. Once hook-up is achieved, you will then have a beam that will shine until you un-hook it or the lifespan of the diode goes out.

Q. - Do you carry green lasers?
A. - No, we do not. We only carry red visible and infrared laser diodes. We do not project having green lasers in the future.

Q. - Can the lasers be pulsed at 100Khz to 600Khz at 5v or lower?
A. - Yes, but at 3v.

Q. - Are your laser modules listed with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or another nationally recognized?
A. - Our laser modules are FDA approved. They are designed for other OEM’s to use their products.
The end product will have to be listed with UL.

Q. - Can we get the schematic for your Ns102 circuit board?
A. - No. The schematics for all of our circuit boards are proprietary information.

Q. - Are your modules single power supply or dual power supply?
A. - Single power supply unit.

Q. - What is the rise and fall time of your laser diodes?
A. - Rise time – 1ns
    - Fall time – 2 ns

Q. - Can the laser modules (variable output) be externally modulated? - by which I mean that I should be able to apply some varying voltage from an external pulse generator so as to have the output optical power modulated (switched on and off for example)?
A. - Yes our lasers can be modulated. The way you have to modulate our laser modules is to break positive or negative at the pulse/speed that you want. Our modules can be modulated up to 2mHz.

Q. - Do the 635 and 660 laser diode modules include internal drive circuitry? If so, is it modulable, and how much? Can I get them w/o photodiodes and what would be the price for the 5 and 15 watt versions of both wavelengths?
A. - Our laser diode modules do include internal drive circuitry. They can be modulated up to 2mHz. The way you would modulate our laser diode modules is to break positive or negative at the pulse/speed that you want. Our laser diode modules can be purchased with out the photodiodes but only in large quantities (5,000 and up). We do not manufacture 5 and 15 watt laser diodes or laser diode modules. We only manufacture mW.