The ACCU-FORK forklift laser system utilizes state of the art circuitry in order to improve the overall performance and features of the product.  The ACCU-FORK is designed to automatically come on with movement of the forks utilizing a vibration sensitive circuit.  The Vibration Circuit and Laser are housed in a machined aluminum housing.  The Vibration Circuit automatically cuts power to the unit 30 seconds after movement stops.  The laser is a highly efficient 65-nm 5mW module that incorporates a Thermal Disconnect Circuit that will automatically shut down the laser if the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum temperature rating of the laser in order to keep the laser from being damaged.  The ACCU-FORK is powered by a 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery pack that has sufficient storage capacity to run the unit for approximately 40+ hours of continuous use.  The unit comes with a 4.8V NIMH Battery Charger that will put an 80% "quick charge" on the battery pack i 4 hours and will fully charge the battery pack in approximately 8 hours.

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  • Reduction in Product Damage
  • Reduces Accident Risk
  • Increased Productivity
  • Excellent Training Tool for New Drivers
  • Increased Operator Efficiency
  • Automatically Turns On and Off
  • Aluminum and Steel Housing for Durability
  • Works well in warehouses with low visibility due to insufficient lighting
  • Patent Pending


Unit easily attaches to forklift carriage in under 5 minutes.  Laser is adjustable vertically so it an be perfectly aligned parallel with the forks

Laser is mounting horizontal with forks.   When laser dot hits opeing it disappears indicating forks are correctly aligned with pallet opening.

The ACCU-FORK is a self-contained unit that mounts directly on the fork carriage in under 5 minutes.   The ACCU-FORK gives you a constant visual reference to fork position thus eliminating personal injury and product damage.  The laser is controlled by a vibration sensitive circuit that automatically turns the laser on and off to save battery life which is approximately 40 hours before recharging is necessary.  This unit will save you money by increasing employee productivity.  It is an excellent training tool for new operators.

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  • Rigid Clamping System
  • Quick, Easy Install
  • 4.8v NiMH Battery
  • Yellow Zinc Chromate Coating for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Vertical adjustment
  • Laser mounted in Anodized Aluminum Block
  • Equipped with Thermo cutoff circuitry
  • Auto On/Off Circuitry
  • Battery Compartment and Mounting Tube 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 square steel tubing


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